About TooFAR

I would call this blog my little social experiment to see if people really care about my perspective, ideas, and rants. My objective for this blog is not only to force people to watch my favorite stories… but also if any of my written words can make their brain tickle.

Can a few words that I write make me and my readers conscious enough to sit and think and introspect?

Can people be open-minded enough to accept the theology and verbiage used by me? Can my beliefs of existentialism, nihilism, and pessimism be finally seen as a positive belief because those beliefs if researched properly are actually not what they seem to be!

Can we build a community here to ponder on new old questions, discuss crazy ideas, and implement some of them? Can we create a movement and march towards creative enlightenment ? Too much ?… too far….!

Well, this is me and my blog where my views and insight can go just too far….

Welcome to my blog

too much too far….

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